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I am the Founding Professor of Social Work and Director of the Centre for Social Work Social Justice at the University of Essex.   In the past, I have worked at Durham University, the University of Nicosia- Cyprus, Zuyd University- Netherlands and Liverpool Hope University. I qualified as a social worker in Greece and completed my PhD at the University of Liverpool. For my research interests click here.



Moreover, through my role as the Global Education Comissioner of the International Federation of Social Workers, I am collaborating with social work educators internationally towards the re-definition of and re-engagement with the meaning of "internationalism" among and beyond the social work community. 


I am proud to be a founding member and member of steering committee of the Social Work Action Network (SWAN), a radical social work organization which brings together social work practitioners, service users, academics and students united in their commitment to promote social justice and defend welfare rights.


I feel very privileged and I take great pleasure in editing the oldest and most widely read social work journal, the International Social Work journal (Sage). I am also involved in another very special publishing project that attempts to give voice to the most politically  progressive voices in the social work; the Critical and Radical Social Work Journal (Policy Press). I have been part of this journal's editorial board since its creation. 


I write and speak regularly about issues that excite my interest. The purpose of this blog is to bring all these contributions, thoughts, articles and interviews in one place. Not necessarily in one language though. English, Greek and Spanish may be used interchangeably and without previous warning in this website!


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