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Proposing a Joint Committee in Defence of 'Social Work Educators and Practitioners – Human Right

I have been working for some time on a report proposing the creation of a 'Joint Committee in Defence of Social Work Educators and Practitioners – Human Rights Defenders'. IFSW's Human Rights Secretary, Nigel Hall, has been incredibly helpful in the development of this proposal.

It is the first time that the global social work community is invited to consider a clear "Protocol of Engagement" in order to defend colleagues who face criminalisation and persecution simply for adhering to the principles and values of the profession.

The first draft is ready and has been shared with IFSW and IASSW, kicking off an internal consultation process. Evidence suggests that between 1995 and 2005 more than 40 social workers were murdered, imprisoned or kidnapped in countries where freedom of speech and political activism are suppressed. Time is of the essence.

I will be sharing the draft with colleagues and friends, through my blog, in due time. In any case -even if the proposal is rejected- it will become part of the IASSW archives and therefore fully accessible.

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