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The end of a cycle

I resigned from EASSW (and subsequently IASSW) after 6 interesting, productive & eventful years. Thank you to all colleagues, friends and allies I met and worked with during this period. Collectively, we worked hard in order to reclaim the political dimension of international social work and more specifically, among other things, to - Create genuine partnerships with service users’ organisations, such as the brilliant Power Us - Campaign in defence of universal and inclusive welfare systems - Work towards a Global Social Work definition that retains the concepts of Social Justice and Human Rights as its main pillars (despite pressures to do otherwise) - Work together with activist organisations (like SWAN) and co-organise events in solidarity with refugees across Europe. - Support social work programmes threatened by violent austerity - Challenge anti-intellectualism in social work education and oppose the creation of “fast-track” programmes - Include Palestinian Schools of Social Work in the association and help empower their voice. - Bring attention to the complexities of social services and humanitarian work in the context of armed and political conflict. - Co- organise the largest social work conferences in Europe - Work with university libraries and international organisations in order to ensure that international social work historical archives (our collective memory) are protected and enriched - Promote the idea of a global committee defending social workers/ human rights defenders facing persecution and abuse It has been a great journey and I am sure our paths will cross again soon. La Lucha Continua!

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