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Articles and Book chapters


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Keynote Conference Presentations

2017 Whose Peace? Reclaiming the Social in the Peace Process, Honorary Lecture in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the School of Social Work, University of Santander, Colombia


2017 Social Work and Social Movements in a Changing Europe. Keynote Presentation in celebration of the World Social Work Day, 20 March, University of Pristina, Kosovo


2017 Perspectives in academic scholarship and writing; the case of international social work, 14/1, invited Keynote Presentation, in Social Work Education in Africa, University of Nairobi, Kenya


2016, BASW Independents Conference 2016: Threat or opportunity? Independent practice within a changing political climate, Bristol, 


2016, DEMOS; designing a model for inclusive and politically engaged social work practice, University of Vilnius, National Conference, March 2016


2015 “Social work in Europe and the politics of Hope”, Keynote speaker Annual General meeting and conference, British Association of Social Workers (BASW)


2014 “Austerity, welfare reform and the reconceptualization of social work in Europe”.” Keynote Speaker- 9th National Social Policy Conference in Vittoria, Brazil, July 2014.


2014 “Social work and Social Justice; a critical evaluation of theory and practice in troubled times”. Annual Honorary Lecture of the Faculty of Law (Social Work Unit), Zagreb University, May 2014


2014 “Challenges, contradictions and dilemmas in international social work: A radical approach. Invited Keynote presentation and participation to the conference’s ‘scientific committee’ - Athens School of Social Work (Greece).


2013 “Internationalising Social Work; challenges and prospects” in “Realities and challenges for social workers as a profession in Labour market in Albania, November 25-26, University of Tirana


2013 “Social Work and Social Justice: rediscovering radical theory and practice in a time of austerity” 25th Nordic Conference of Social Work Schools "Social Work Teaching at the Intersection between Research and Practice" Tampere, Finland, August 28-30, 2013


2013, ‘Re-conceptualizing social work in South Europe’, Istanbul, 16-19 April, EASSW Symposium, ENSACT Global Social Work Conference.


2013 ‘Political Action and the History of disability movement in Greece’, Ljubljana Slovenia, ‘Against social Suffering: Social Work in Alliance with the People with disabilities in the Time of Crisis, University of Ljubljana, 19-21 June.


2012, “Social Work education and sectarian conflicts; the case of Cyprus” in social work practice in post-conflict and transition societies, University of Sarajevo, 21 November 2012.


2012, ‘Social Work in Extremis’, Kocaeli, Turkey, ‘Social Work Education in Europe: Current Development and Discussion’, 16-17 February


2011, “Ethical controversies in the development of International Social Work” CIF International Conference, Nicosia Cyprus (27-28 September)


2011, “Social Work and resistance across the globe” in 6th annual SWAN conference, Birmingham 15-16 April.


2011, “Critical dialogues in International Social Work”, in Cypriot Association of Social Workers, International Social Work Day, Nicosia 28/3/2011


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